Bambú Blog & Spanish Travel Fact File

8 May 2018   For some unfathomable reason my last couple of entries to this blog have vanished into thin air.  That’s technology for you!  Our 2018 season is now very much up and running.  Since I write my last entry we’ve had our annual winter lesbian country house party in the English Lakes, which as always was great fun.  You really must think about joining us next year – take a look at the details via our speciality holidays page.  We then started the season at Bambú with our annual makeover week.  As well as the usual fixing, painting and filling, we’ve built a new pergola, giving more shade during the summer months and over the cooler months, a place where one can shelter from any rain and yet still enjoy Bambú’s stunning views,. We’ve also added some extra screening to the terraces, providing more privacy when sitting outside in front of each room.  We’ve also already hosted our first solo week of the year and look forward to many more.  So, now that the season is well and truly started, why not come and join us for our ninth year of running Bambú – one of the world’s very few exclusively lesbian holiday venues.  The world sadly is losing its lesbian bars and clubs and there aren’t that many lesbian hotels and lesbian b&bs left. Come join us at Bambú and enjoy a fabulous lesbian holiday experience.  Just imagine, no awkwardness, no coming out, you can just relax and enjoy our lovely corner of Spain and make new friends from all over the world.

26 July 2017   Well summer 2017 is well underway.  We are now pretty much fully booked until the last week of August – just a few days here and there throughout the month. Then we have a solo holiday starting on the 26th, for which we still have availability – so if you wish to take a holiday on your own, then this could be the week for you.  You may have noticed that we have finally managed to get our heads around how to use facebook as a tool for both promoting Bambú and communicating with our community of guests past, present and future. We post the occasional snippet about Bambú and also good news stories from the lesbian world. So please do ‘like’ our facebook page – – and please do spread the word about Bambú Lesbian Resort to your lesbian friends.

3 April 2017   For the past three years we have started the season with what we call our ‘Makeover Week’ when a number of guests stay at Bambú for free in return for their contribution to fixing all the things that need attention after the winter. We also take the opportunity to add a few enhancements as well. So, many thanks to the Bambú Cru …  you know who you are … for your magnificent efforts in reinforcing the rear terrace; for the new wall and benches; for the new terrace partitions; for the repainting; for filling cracks; for varnishing; for jet washing and for much more. Bambú is now gleaming and looking better than ever for the new season. So anyone reading this, come and stay at Bambú which gets better and better every year – come and join us at Europe’s premier lesbian holiday destination.

11 February 2017   Welcome also to Daniela and Jessica – new members of the Bambú Crew.  From Germany, they have recently decided to live in the Axarquia and will be helping out at Bambú this summer, starting in May.

11 February 2017   Bambú has been serving our lesbian clientele for almost seven years now.  Seven very happy and rewarding years from the perspective of Susanne and myself (Catherine).  We’ve welcomed back many return guests – some of whom have now stayed 4 or 5 times.  We are particularly grateful for your continued support.  But it is always a pleasure of course meeting new guests from all over the world.  We are just getting into gear now with our marketing efforts for 2017. Those of you who have liked our facebook page in the past will have noticed that we’ve not been very active with posting stuff – I guess facebook just isn’t my thing – but I’ve been advised by so many people that it is a great means of communication, so I will make a concerted effort in 2017 to post more stuff to our facebook page.  I’ve also been advised to create a closed facebook group, so when I’ve done this I will inform everyone on our database.  So what’s new for 2017? Well, nothing is completely new! We are repeating our hiking and sightseeing holidays in both Spring and Autumn. We are holding the Intensive Spanish Learning holiday for a second time in June and we will be hosting our fourth women’s writing retreat in October.  All of these holidays have become mainstays of the Bambú calendar.  And just two weeks ago we hosted our fourth Pop-Up Winter Bambú in the English Lakes – this event is always a great success, this year enjoyed by 23 women.  Our Pop-Up dates for next year are 26 – 29 January 2018 – book now if you would like to come to this fantabulosus long weekend of great company, great food and great company!

22 August 2016   Air-conditioning!!!  Maroma, which we sometimes refer to as our ‘honeymoon suite’ now has air-conditioning.  We have also installed air-conditioning to one of our superior suites, as part of our ongoing process of developing Bambú.  Bambú is already one of Europe’s, nay the world’s, top lesbian holiday venues.  But all the time we are making it better and better!

22 July 2016   Just two weeks ago Bambú hosted its first ever Spanish Learning Holiday – and it was a great success.  Most importantly, all of the participants, a mix of beginners and intermediates, learned a great deal.  Equally importantly, we had fun!  Bambú’s shaded porch was the classroom and the environment was relaxed and sociable.  We will definitely be running the course again next year – we just need to set the dates.  In the meantime, if you are interested in joining us next year, please register your interest now and when we have set the dates you will be the first to know.

16 March 2016   Well, the 2016 season has started with a bang.  Literally!  It’s our pre-season makeover holiday this week, our new annual event when a group of guests stay for free at Bambú in return for some painting, weeding, fixing and general maintenance. It’s a fabulously fun week – with lots of laughter interspersing the hard work.  Last year we did a major repaint internally and externally.  This year the main focus has been landscaping our wilderness zone and in doing so we’ve created some new private outdoor spaces.  Thanks to all those involved – you know who you are!  What’s that joke … “how many lesbians does it take to change a lightbulb?”  Well this week, 12 resourceful and hardworking women have achieved a lot more than that.

Due to IT problems, the blog entries for October and December have been lost – apologies!

5 August 2015   It’s been a long time since I updated this section of the website – not because there’s been nothing to report – quite the contrary, just been too busy to write. Bambú this summer is being managed and looked after by our good friend Joanne, with the admirable support of her partner Glenda. In the meantime Susanne and I (Catherine) have been marketing Bambú around Europe. Joanne and Glenda are the perfect hosts. Every couple of days I receive photos of the two of them in a different tapas bar with a group of guests. Fabulous hosts! As long as everyone’s having fun – that’s what counts. I’ll sign off by saying that we do still have a few slots in our August, September and October calendar. For guaranteed (well, almost) sunshine, take the plunge and book a holiday at Bambú – Europe’s premier lesbian holiday resort.

28 January 2015   We’ve just come back from Bambú’s 2nd Pop-Up weekend in the English Lakes. And what a  weekend it was! An absolute hoot! A great time was had by all. So good that we’ve rebooked for January 2016 – follow this link for further information. Blencowe Hall, just east of Penrith, is a top quality self-catering country house, with luxurious bedrooms and a beautiful lounge, billiards room and snugs. The kitchen supper, formal dinner and Burns Night in the Boot & Shoe were all highly memorable evenings. 26 women in a big country mansion – what fun! And what a great way to make new friends!

24 November 2014   Well, the season is finally over!  We’ve closed shop until Christmas and New Year when we reopen for the festive period.  Susanne and I are enjoying a little time off – touring France in a camper van – a new venture for us.   The only thing is that the majority of camping sites with facilities are closed, this being the low season.  So we are having to learn the hard way.  Tonight we have run out of water and the mains electricity supply has just failed on us.  Any hopes to finally have a shower or to watch a movie are but a memory.  We understand that there is a fully serviced site open in Nantes, 4 hours south of where we are, so I think that’s be where we are heading tomorrow.  We also think that someone this evening has been parked outside our van phishing whilst we’ve been using the public wifi.  It makes me wonder about the Bambú connection – but essentially our wifi is just like a secured home network, password protected, with only our guests knowing the password.  Anyway, enough of my ramblings – of anybody reads this, we wish to you the very best of the winter season and hope to welcome you to Bambú one day soon!

11 June 2014   Gosh it’s been a while since I last put pen to paper, keys to keyboard I guess I should say. We’ve had a busy start to the spring / summer season here in Spain. The Spring (and also the Autumn) is when we host our themed holiday weeks. This Spring, we had our regular lesbian hiking holiday, when yet again two intrepid wanderers on their midweek day off, decided to tackle the highest peak in the area – La Maroma at just over 2,000m.  They enjoyed it so much, one saying that it was the best day’s walking she has ever had, that we’ve now decided to include this as an optional walk whenever we host the lesbian walking holiday in the future. There was also our spring sightseeing holiday when a group of Russian and British guests enjoyed visiting some of the most stunning cities in Spain. A first for 2014 was our Women’s Writing Retreat – and we particularly appreciated the input from Radclyffe, the famous lesbian author who came over from the States to spend the week with us and share with the participants the benefit of her writing and publishing experiences.  It’s been a great start to the year, but we have now settled into our non-themed summer, when guests from all over Europe come and go and enjoy a short break or a long holiday at Bambú, one of the very very few places for lesbian holidays in Europe.  We do still have availability throughout the summer (not all dates of course as some weeks are already fully booked) – so please write and enquire – we would love to welcome you to stay at Bambú.

27 April 2014   It is like the United Nations here at Bambú at the moment! We love it when we have a fascinating cultural mix of guests!  We have Hungarian, Italian, Dutch, Russian and Slovenian guests staying – all pretty much at the same time. We all have so much in common but also so much to learn from each other … fascinating insights into different experiences and especially what it is like living as a lesbian in different countries.  Wherever you are from, Bambú is a lesbian holiday haven – a place where you can enjoy a relaxing holiday under the Spanish sun, by the pool – a place from where you can explore this beautiful part of southern Spain – but equally importantly a place where you can meet and strike up friendships with other women from across the globe. We often hear of guests visiting each other in their respective cities / countries long after their holiday together at Bambú.  For the united nations of lesbians, come spend your holiday at Bambú.

5 February 2014   Last weekend was our Pop-Up event in the English Lakes – 3 nights in a stunning top quality country manor house, outstanding catering and a great group of women.  Thank you to all those who attended for making the holiday a great success. So great indeed we’ve already rebooked for next year (23 – 26 January 2015). I hope to publish a few reviews of the weekend very soon but it was such a good experience, many of those who attended this year have booked again for 2015.

14 October 2013   Things are starting to quieten down at Bambú – however the weather is still absolutely superb – flawless blue skies and day time temperatures in the late twenties. Even in the evenings we still don’t need to don a jacket.  We have three final organised holidays for this year. Our walking holiday from the 3-10 November, our holiday of city visits from the 10-17 November and our new year solo holiday from the 29 December – 5 January 2014. Why not join us for one of these highly enjoyable holiday weeks and enjoy everything that Andalucia has to offer and the company of our other lesbian guests?  Don’t yet give up on summer 2013 – it is still alove and kicking here in Andalucia! Please ask for further information about all these holiday weeks.

7 July 2013  It is wonderful that northern Europe is finally experiencing some serious summer weather, with temperatures in the late twenties. How marvellous! But if you get a taste for the good life – basking in the sun, impromptu barbecues and generally enjoying the “feel-good” sensation that summer always brings – then why not book some more for yourself and take a holiday at Bambú this year.  The good weather over here in Spain is pretty much guaranteed until early if not late October. We’ve not had a drop of rain for over 6 weeks now and this is likely to remain the case for another 3 months at least.  Wish you were here!

29 April 2013  We are pleased to say that the 2013 season has started with a flourish. We enjoyed our Spring walking holiday last week, with our band of intrepid guests taking to the hills, wading through rivers and wandering through pretty white villages. I (Catherine) took part in all the walks and Tiffany, our standard poodle puppy, came along too for her first substantial country walks – she loved the experience. Fortunately, after a couple of days off, our aching limbs have finally recovered. And the winter cobwebs have well and truly been blown away. So, feeling great! Tonight we have a welcome party for the first solo week of the year. So all is good at Bambú. Why not try us out for size this year? Bambú is a truly special place for lesbians – you will have a fabulous holiday!

21 December 2012 Currently enjoying the winter lull and a well-earned break. But all is set to take-off again with our New Year holiday week and the annual New Year Party at Bambú. We went through an unseasonably early wet period in October and then a cold snap in November but for the past couple of weeks the mercury has been rising, today peaking at 24 degrees. It’s lovely here at the moment. Let’s hope the weather remains perfect for our New Year guests. To all our friends and supporters, guests past and future, we wish you a wonderful Christmas and New Year.  Feliz Navidad!

20 September 2012 Never thought we’d get excited about a bit of fresh concrete but we are thrilled that the Junta de Andalucia has managed to get hold of some European funding to upgrade the road outside Bambú.  We found out about it some 2 weeks ago and within a week the concrete mixers and workmen turned up and lo and behold we have a new road. For any previous guests with stories to tell about the dodgy jungle track to Bambú, well that is a thing of the past! We have a lovely smooth stretch of perfectly formed concrete leading directly from Bambú to our local village of Benamocarra. The 21st century beckons!

6 June 2012 We’ve just discovered a fabulous new resource for Bambú guests … and for our own pleasure! A watersports centre has recently opened on Lake Vinuela, just 20 minutes from Bambú. It offers a selection of watersports in an absolutely magical setting. One can book a windsurf, a sailing boat or a kayak for an hour or two … or for groups of 5 or more, a half-day taster session of all three can be enjoyed, with a game of water-basketball thrown in. I had tried windsurfing before but without success. But here on Lake Vinuela the coaching was excellent, the breeze perfect (not too little … not too much) … everything just seemed to come together … and there I was heading off into the sunset, the wind in my sail, the waves lapping my toes … only to realise that I may have been taught how to stand up and get going but I had no idea how to change direction. Alas, after yet another soggy dunking, it became clear that lesson 2 was much needed. Perhaps next month.

23 April 2012 It’s been a while since I last made an entry on this blog. So, here goes. The latest news from Spain and Bambú is that Susanne and I have taken up Flamenco – of a sorts – well “Sevillanas” which is a simpler version of the quintessential Spanish dance. And it is great! After 6 lessons, we can now just about put together a few sequences of steps – but when our lovely teacher Mamen encourages us add a few arm and hand gestures and worse still some movement of the hips, it all goes to pot!  But it is a fabulously enjoyable experience – and is a great way to absorb something of Spanish culture and art and at the same time flex a few muscles previously never worked. Mamen is also able to offer her Flamenco dancing lessons to Bambú guests, so if you like the idea of sampling a truly authentic Spanish cultural experience, then why not book a flamenco holiday at Bambú.

20 January 2012 I am writing this on the ferry from Portsmouth to Santander. We closed Bambú for Christmas and New Year this year and spent time with family and friends in the UK. But we are very keen now to get back home to Spain. It was lovely seeing everyone and visiting our old haunts but Bambú beckons … as does the weather and the lifestyle! With regards to the weather, I know it has been an unusually mild winter in Northern Europe but the weather in Spain whilst we’ve been away has been unblemished sunshine every day without exception – not a drop of rain for a month. Daytime temperatures have been averaging late teens, and often over 20 degrees. It does get cool at night but nothing that a good warm duvet or thick fleece jacket can’t guard against. Although many people only consider a holiday in Spain during the peak Spring, Summer and Autumn months, I cannot recommend a winter holiday more strongly, at a time when northerners can only dream of warmer climes. Hope to see you soon at Bambú. Wish you were here! Catherine x

01 September 2011  It has been pointed out to me that I have been remiss in not updating the Bambú blog. I guess with this being the busy season, I’ve just had other things on my mind. The last 3 or 4 months have been hectic – non-stop. Which is great of course. We’ve had lots of repeat bookings from last year, our first summer – and it has been lovely welcoming back those old faces (and some not so old!). We’ve also had several Sólo Bambú weeks which are now becoming such a feature of Bambú that next year we shall ensure that every month features a Sólo week. Interestingly some 32% of those who have enquired about staying at Bambú are single or wish to travel alone – no wonder these weeks have touched a nerve. A couple of recent reviews we’ve had on tripadvisor about the solo weeks say it all: I have just returned home from my first visit to Bambu and I really wish I was still there. As a solo traveller I went into this holiday with an open mind, not expecting too much. To say I was pleasantly surprised was an understatement. The room, pool, bar area and terraces were all excellent and well cared for. As for my fellow solo guests I now have five new friends who I hope to see again back at Bambu next year we all had a fantastic time and some great BBQ’s. To Catherine & Susanne Bambu is a credit to you both thanks for a great holiday experience.See you next year, Gill x … And from Clare:Bambu was everything it said on the website and more. really ticked so many boxes and the idea of solo traveller week is brilliant .

10 March 2011  For Bambú guests who love art and culture, we are very pleased (and excited!) to announce the opening of a major new art gallery in Málaga this month – on the 25th March 2011. The Museo Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza Málaga has been many years in the making and will house a permanent collection of 19th century Spanish Art and an ongoing programme of major temporary exhibitions. The Thyssen-Bornemisza collection was once the second largest private art collection in the world (after the British Royal collection) and its primary home is in Madrid. The Málaga Gallery will be the smaller sister of the Madrid museum but it will be a major asset for the city of Málaga.
Málaga is also home to The Picasso Museum (Picasso was born in the city) which, in a beautiful renovated palace, houses a large permanent collection of his works. As well as several smaller galleries, the city also boasts a fabulous Contemporary Arts Centre which has an ever-changing programme of temporary exhibitions – recent artists have included Gilbert & George, Victoria Civera, Robert Mapplethorpe and Jennifer Steinkamp.  Always thought-provoking!
Malaga is one of those cities short-listed for European City of Culture, 2016. And it truly deserves the accolade.

So, why are we telling you all this? Well, we want you to come and stay at Bambú!  Bambú is one of a very select group of quality lesbian holiday destinations in continental Europe.

2 March 2011  Just this morning we have received yet another booking for our Walk on the Wild Side walking week in April, which means that we now have a full house. This is great news for everyone participating. There will be 11 of us taking to the hills of Andalucia and it will be a truly international affair – French, British, Norwegian, Spanish and Finnish … rest assured that before accepting reservations, we always check that everyone can communicate … and we can, one way or another! We also have a nice mix of people travelling on their own and those in couples or with friends. So we have put another such week in our diaries for May – Saturday 21st to Saturday 28th May. The weather will be hot in May but not excessively so. I would expect this week to be equally popular, so if you are interested, I would recommend you book early. We also have a yoga week coming up in June – Yogi Bambú – Saturday 4th to Saturday 11th June. Many of our previous guests who have enjoyed the yoga teaching of Maggie have said that she is the best yoga teacher they have ever had – what an accolade! A week during which every day begins with a morning of yoga, then afternoons and evenings for relaxing, exploring and socialising should be absolutely fabulous. I am looking forward to it immensely – I hope our guests are too.

7 February 2011  It has been a tough year throughout Europe for many of us. Our economies are struggling to emerge from the banking crisis and no doubt there will be a few more years of hardship ahead. We in the tourist industry have also felt the pinch, with our customers facing uncertainty and reduced spending power. However, with over 10 million lesbians in Europe, there is no shortage of ‘sistas’ looking to take a holiday in an all-lesbian environment. So, when considering whether to reserve your suite now or closer to the time of your holiday, just think about that number. Bambú has just 7 suites and there are 10 million lesbians out there banging on our doors! We wish! Seriously though, when you think of that number, why aren’t there more lesbian holiday venues out there?

16 October 2010  Our first year of running Bambú is now drawing to a close. We still have holiday bookings throughout November and over new year and valentine’s weekend, however it is nothing like as hectic as it was over the summer. Yet the weather is still beautiful – most days recording temperatures into the late twenties, with nights between 17 and 20 degrees. Despite Andalucia’s mild year-round climate, the nature of the European holidaymaker appears to be to confine their holidays to the 9 months from March to November, so we expect bookings from December to February to be low. So, what we have decided to do is change the nature of Bambú in the winter months from a short-term holiday destination, to a longer-term lesbian winter community. We will transform one of our suites into an indoor communal space, with the other 6 being let on a longer-term basis. Some guests will stay for the full winter, others may stay for only 1 or 2 months. This will be perfect for academics taking a sabbatical, those taking a career break or gap half-year, for writers, for artists, retired women, serious hikers or those who can work from anywhere in the world. Bambú is truly beautiful, our facilities excellent, all our suites are completely self-contained and we are in a great location for immersing oneself in Spanish culture and exploring this corner of Andalucia. And the climate over the winter is the best of anywhere in mainland Europe. Not a lesbian commune but certainly a lesbian community. Just imagine!

15 September 2010  Well the last few weeks of summer have been mad! But good! Bambú has been a very happy place. Guests arrive stressed from their busy lives, tired after early starts and long journeys … but within 24 hours (if not sooner) they melt, relax and chill. Grown women frolicking like children in the pool, parties every night, a complete and utter departure from normality. It is fascinating watching this melting process – after all, Bambú is now our lives, not a holiday from reality. But it is good and infectious and we cannot deny that we have also found ourselves in the pool at 2 in the morning, participating in the ‘toss the guest off the lilo’ game!

9 July 2010  I’ve been too busy just lately to update the blog, but after a pause of over a month, here goes. We have spent the last few weeks putting together a range of services, treatments and activities for the enjoyment of our guests here at Bambu.  All of our service providers are women who live in the vicinity and where appropriate the services will be delivered on-site. One that I think will be particularly popular is ‘The Passion Test’, a 3 hour life coaching workshop delivered by Maggie from nearby Iznate. In the workshop Maggie will explore the 5 ‘passions’ most important to you in life and then help determine a means by which your passions can be realised.  For Susanne and me, our passions were to give up the rat race, live in a beautiful environment in a warm climate, to live and work in a women-centred environment, and to enhance the relationships we had with our close family and friends.  And it is looking like our Spanish adventure and the establishment of Bambú in particular is the realisation of those ‘passions’.  Of course passions change and develop over time, so it will be interesting to see what our passions will be one year from now. But, the mere fact that you are reading this, means that you are interested or intrigued by the possibility of staying at Bambú at some point in the future.  Clearly we are somewhat biased but we truly believe that there is nowhere else in Europe quite like Bambú.  Come stay at Bambú and enjoy the holiday of a lifetime in a sublime, truly breathtaking and relaxing environment … and at the same time indulge in some serious pampering and explore new paths that might take your life in a completely different direction.

31 May 2010  The weather has been lovely and settled here since March, but up to about two weeks ago, we still were unable to sit outside in the evening without a jacket, or inside without some form of heating. But that has all changed. Temperatures have soared. We are talking 30oC plus during the day (but there are always our shady corners to retreat to!) and 24oC on the terrace right now as I am writing at 11:30pm.  Nice! – this is where southern Europe beats the chilly wet north any day!

22 May 2010  Well the new pool is looking stunning, as are the other improvements we have made for the 2010 season. It really has been a labour of love, whitewashing everything (as is the norm in Spain every Spring), improving the planting and exploring solar heating options. I will very soon post a few new photos on the website to keep everyone up to date. If you haven’t yet booked your summer holiday, you need to be doing so quickly, as we are starting to see the place getting booked up. Which is great of course. The more chicas the better! Bambu, first choice for lesbian hotels Spain.

19 April 2010  I’m sure everyone is paying close attention to the news on the travel chaos before committing themselves to holidays this year.  But it is starting to sound like things will return to normal over the next few days.  The volcano seems to have calmed down somewhat.  Fortunately, we don’t have any guests staying at the moment as we have builders in enlarging the pool.  The new pool is going to be square in shape (7m x 7m) – we fancied something a bit different and it fits perfectly in the space between the bar and the western terrace.  Our first guests arrive in May, so they will have the honour and pleasure of christening the new pool.  So, I am pleased to say that no-one is stranded at Bambú – although I can think of many worse places to be stranded.  It is those who have missed their holidays whom I feel most sorry for.  We all value and often save long and hard for our few weeks away each year – such a disappointment to not be able to go.  Nature has certainly won out on this occasion.  Bambú, first choice for lesbian travel Spain, despite the elements!

4 April 2010  I wanted to report in today’s blog about a new speciality holiday initiative which is proving to be very popular. We are talking here about lesbian family holidays. Although Susanne and I are parents ourselves (we have two daughters, Jasmin and Lucy, now 19 and 18 … we were very young mums!!), we had always envisaged Bambú as an adult-only environment. However, after being contacted by several lesbian parents about whether children would be welcome, we have decided to designate certain weeks of the year as lesbian family zones. And within days of announcing this decision, we have had three bookings, so it looks like we are meeting a real need. To be fair to lesbian guests without children, we aren’t opening up the whole calendar to families … but this is also the fairest to children, as they want to interact with other children whilst on holiday, not boring old adults!

We want to be as inclusive as possible to the lesbian community. We respect the desires of those without children to holiday in a child-free environment but we also respect the desires of lesbian families to be able to holiday in a welcoming lesbian environment.  All makes sense to me – hope it makes sense to you too.! If you haven’t already booked your stay at Bambu, isn’t it about time you sorted out your lesbian holidays, Spain.  Bambu, unique amongst lesbian hotels in welcoming families.  Bambu, your choice for lesbian travel.

24 March 2010  I’m pleased to report that the Andalucian climate is back to normal. We enjoyed an ice-cream and a stroll down the promenade yesterday in 25o  temperatures – that’s more like it!

Spain is now preparing itself for Santa Semana – Easter week.  It is a massive thing over here and an unforgettable spectacle. In particular the funeral processions on Good Friday are quite extraordinary.  I have travelled all over the world, but have never experienced anything quite as sombre and surreal. An amazing experience. Last year we went to Velez-Malaga to watch the proceedings, which was heaving with both participants and spectators. This year we plan to go to Malaga, which is renowned for the scale and extravagance of its processions.  Spain at Easter is a fabulous lesbian travel experience.

I sincerely recommend that you come stay at Bambu lesbian hotels for your Easter holidays in Spain one year – why not make a note in your diary for next year – and indeed we’re always happy to take advance bookings. The weather is usually lovely and the Easter celebrations are something else. For lesbian travel and lesbian Spain in particular, Bambu lesbian hotels is the place to go.  Sorry about the inappropriate plural (just trying to get noticed by search engines!)

15 March 2010 Firstly, being English, let’s talk about the weather. Having said that, for the past almost four months the Spanish, uncharacteristically, have also spoken about nothing but the weather.  It has rained pretty much every single day since early December.  The reservoirs are almost bursting (which is a good thing) but, not such a good thing, many roads have collapsed, buildings flooded and crops ruined.  Apparently it has been the wettest winter for 51 years, since 1959, for Spain as a whole and the wettest of all time, that is since records began, for Andalucia. I guess it has something to do with the unusually cold winter being ‘enjoyed’ by northern Europe. However the good news is that we’ve now had about 5 days of sunshine, today we enjoyed temperatures of 22oC wandering the parks of Malaga, so let’s hope the corner has been turned.  Bambu actually has fared pretty well – we will do a bit of painting to spruce the place up before the Spring visitors arrive, but that should be all it takes to return our little lesbian hotels paradise back to its pre-winter glory.  Bambu will be perfect again for your next lesbian holidays.


The ‘blog’ is a new thing, new for Bambu lesbian hotels and new for me, so let’s see how quickly it grows and how interesting I can make it.  The challenge is to get the consciousness streaming, without boring visitors to the site!  May I also say that in this section of the website, and occasionally elsewhere, you may experience some inappropriate and not necessarily grammatically correct repetition of words and phrases.  Please bear with us – it’s all about ensuring one puts in a decent appearance in google and other searches. We need to ensure that when you input lesbian holidays or lesbian hotels or lesbian travel into search engines that Bambu features prominently! So for those seeking lesbian hotels Spain, Bambu is the perfect choice.

And here are some fascinating facts about Spain

Spain and Canada are the only two countries in the world to have fully legalised same-sex marriage (without any small print), Since 2005 more than 12,000 couples have tied the knot.  Indeed, as well as being the perfect holiday spot for all lesbian couples and friends, one of Bambu’s suites is particularly perfect for honeymooners.  Bambu Lesbian Hotel – a great destination for {Anchor:lesbianholidays}lesbian holidays Spain.

Spain is the second highest country in Europe after Switzerland, with a mean altitude of 600m – and the beautiful mountainous Axarquia is a case in point. Maroma which dominates the view from Bambu stands at just over 2,000m.  If you like stunning, breathtaking scenery, Bambú Lesbian Hotel is a great lesbian travel destination.  Bambu for lesbian holidays Spain.

The population of Spain is circa 46 million, the lowest density in western Europe, bar Scandinavia. So, get away from the crowds and enjoy your holidays in the real Spain. Bambu Lesbian Hotel for {Anchor:lesbianhotels}lesbian holidays Spain.

Andalucia was under Moorish rule for almost 800 years and owes much of its culture to Moorish influences, including flamenco, the invention of the quitar and the layout and design of the pretty white villages of the Axarquia.  Indeed the legacy of the Moors is what makes this part of Spain fabulous for lesbian holidays. Forget the crowded beaches of the Mediterranean, immerse yourself in Moorish Spain for a couple of weeks and enjoy the holiday of a lifetime!  Bambu Lesbian Hotel for {Anchor:Lesbianholidays}Lesbian Holidays Spain.

For a major part of the 20th century, Spain was economically and politically isolated under the right wing dictatorship of Franco. However since his death in 1975, Spain has embraced democracy and modernity with a vengeance, rapidly making up lost ground. The Spanish are a very tolerant liberal people making Bambu Lesbian Hotel a great destination for lesbian holidays.

The siesta and daily timetable take some getting used to for Northern Europeans. Most shops close by 2pm, reopening in the evening. The evening meal is typically enjoyed as late as 10pm and the whole community stays awake into the early hours. One of the great features of Bambu is that whilst being located in a sublime secluded location, we are really close to the coast – less than a 10 minute drive. The local seaside resorts have a great selection of restaurants, shops, markets, bars and other tourist attractions – ensuring you have plenty to see, do, eat and drink whilst enjoying your holidays at Bambu.  Bambu Lesbian Hotel is unique amongst Lesbian hotels Spain.

Spain’s only out gay Matador, Joselito Ortega, renowned for wearing a pink cape, has recently signed a sponsorship deal to advertise an energy drink called ‘Gay Up’.  Not that we support Bullfighting of course!  For lesbian travel Spain you can’t beat Bambu

Bambu is one of a tiny number of lesbian hotels in Europe.  The gay men’s market is fairly well served but if you truly want to relax and be yourself whilst on holidays and enjoy the liberation of an exclusively lesbian environment then look no further.  Bambu – for lesbian holidays Spain; for lesbian hotels Spain and for {Anchor:lesbiantravel}lesbian travel Spain.