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11 – 18 May 2019

sightseeing holiday

We’ve been running this popular holiday for the past 9 years – and it remains one of the favourite events of the Bambú calendar.  Stay at Bambú for a week in Spring or Autumn, when the weather should be reliably warm and sunny … but rather than spend all your time sunbathing … after all this is not to everyone’s taste … instead enjoy the company of your fellow guests on four day trips to some of the most stunning cities in Spain, all easy day trips from Bambú.

The holiday is an opportunity to visit the fabulous cities of Ronda, Cordoba, Granada and Malaga. Guests wishing to visit the city of Seville, Andalucia’s other historic gem, are advised to add a couple of days on the beginning or end of the holiday – Seville is just a little too far from Bambú to enjoy as a day trip.

Bambú Lesbian Singles Holidays - Bambú quiet north terrace

sightseeing holiday

Bambú Lesbian Singles Holidays - relax in the pool
We will spend a full day in the city of Granada – half a day in the city itself and a few hours exploring the UNESCO World Heritage Site that is the Alhambra.  Tickets for entry to the Alhambra are included in the cost of the holiday.

Another day we will drive to the ancient white city of Ronda. Ronda is stunningly beautiful, has a very pretty historic centre, many museums and lovely cafés but it is its vertiginous position atop a rock and straddling a deep gorge which makes it one of the top tourist attractions of southern Spain.

Cordoba will be the third of our day trips.  Cordoba was once the biggest city in Europe, capital of the Moorish Kingdom and a place in which scholars from many countries and faiths gathered, exchanged views and translated each other’s literature.

It has a lovely Jewish quarter, a fascinating Royal Palace, ancient city walls and a Roman bridge but its pièce de resistance is its Cathedral / Mezquita. The Mezquita of Cordoba was the largest mosque in Spain and rather than demolish it, as the Catholic monarchs Ferdinand and Isobella did with most of the country’s other mosques, they retained it but built a Cathedral in the centre …. an absolutely unique and intriguing piece of architecture.

We also always time the May holiday to coincide with Cordoba’s annual Patios Festival, when one can explore the floral displays of hundreds of private courtyards – a delight for gardeners –and a great excuse for wandering the streets armed with a map.

Bambú Lesbian Singles Holidays - Bambú quiet north terrace
Bambú Lesbian Singles Holidays - relax in the pool

The fourth day trip will be to the nearby city of Malaga.  Despite being home to the airport to which the hordes of tourists to the Costa del Sol fly, Malaga itself is unspoilt by tourism. It is an elegant and quintessentially Spanish city.  It has a lovely and recently redeveloped harbour, beautiful botanical gardens in the city centre, its own Moorish palace and fort, a Roman amphitheatre, several museums and art galleries including the Picasso Musuem (Picasso was born in Malaga) and a very attractive and welcoming historic city centre.  Malaga is also famous for its tapas bars and nightlife.  So the ‘day trip’ to Malaga will start later than the others – mid/late afternoon and we will pick you up later in the evening, after an opportunity to enjoy one of the city’s many fabulous restaurants.

We cannot recommend this lesbian tour holiday too highly. If you like to visit new places, if you have never before been to these cities, some of the most stunning in all of Europe, and if you enjoy the company of other travellers, we make it easy for you by doing all the stressful bits – getting you there and back and getting you oriented. And on your days off and every evening you enjoy the relaxing sociable surroundings of Bambú.

We don’t do guided tours! After all, everyone has a different approach to enjoying a new city. Some like to visit every major attraction, others like to sit in cafes and watch the world go by and others just like to walk and walk and uncover hidden corners and explore the less-well trodden streets.

Most of our guests are very independent spirited and wouldn’t want to be led around by a flag carrying tour guide! So, each day we will drive to and drop you off in the very heart of the city and we will agree a rendezvous point and time later on in the day for heading back to Bambú. We will provide maps and inform you of where you might wish to go and what to see. But then you will be left to wander and enjoy the sights at your own pace.

Usually our guests spend some time exploring together, split up for a while, meet for lunch – whatever works for you. The only exception to this will be the day we go to Granada, when the time-allocated tickets to the Alhambra have to be pre-bought (sometimes several weeks in advance) and The Alhambra visit may take place in the morning or the afternoon.

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