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Solo travellers - Sólo Bambú

It can be difficult for any individual travelling on their own to strike up friendships with other travellers if everyone else is in a couple or an established group of friends. Having said that, we have had many guests staying on their own and they have found Bambú exceedingly friendly and inclusive.

Yet we receive many enquiries from women wanting to travel on their own and make new friends whilst on holiday.  Many of these women understandably don’t want to take pot luck and risk being the only person staying at Bambú travelling alone, with everyone else paired off and doing their own thing.  

So, the obvious solution to this has been to designate certain weeks of the year to lesbian solo travellers.

These weeks have become so successful, they are now becoming a monthly feature of the Bambú calendar. Sólo Bambú is not about dating, although if a new romance is kindled then that is an added bonus - and several new relationships have indeed been sparked at Sólo Bambú. It is about a group of women all wanting to have a relaxing and fun holiday in the company of other like-minded women. Click here to see some testimonials of Sólo Bambú - all of which can also be viewed on TripAdvisor. To the left we list the dates of the next Sólo Bambú weeks. We recommend that you book early as these weeks can get booked up very quickly.

Those wishing to stay longer than a week, or wish to take advantage of cheaper midweek flights can add additional days or weeks either side of these dates, subject to availability.

A 5% discount off our published rates will apply for single occupancy of suites.  Singles travelling with friends can of course also join us for our solo traveller weeks. We have just one twin suite.

If you are interested in joining us for one of our lesbian solo traveller weeks, then please send in your enquiry using the form below.  We very much look forward to hearing from you.

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tel. 00 34 693 66 33 06

Bambu could be the perfect location for lesbian solo travellers and lesbian singles holidays.  Bambu - for making new lifelong friends